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Do you want to prepare yourself for a French university?

F.L.E. : Your path towards university

The IS-DBA, cole de FLE, offers French language courses for foreign students whose main objective is to continue their higher education at university level or to follow professional training. 

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F.L.E. : Your path to daily exchanges

The IS-DBA, our school, prepares students to exchange and interact in authentic, everyday situations. We encourage free and open communication through effective and engaging lessons lead by passionate educators. Our lessons include reading, writing, speaking, listening and using digital media tools.

Do you want to enjoy your journey while improving your French language skills?

IS-DBA offers programmes to suit

all the requirements of students.

Our intensive F.L.E. formulas,
General course  + 
Professional French

Discovery level

Intermediate level 

Upper Intermediate level

Advanced level

Autonomous level